6am – 9amBreakfast with Joel   Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist Playlist
9am – 12pmKeep it Real with Gabby and Ria  Breakfast with Josh and JennKeep it Real with GabbyOut in the Community with TrysKeep it Real with RiaThe Show with no Name with Megan and AprilTalking Sport with Orazio
12pm – 3pmWorld on a Breeze with Rob  Ask Dr SamyWorld on a Breeze with RobTalking Arts with Miranda Friday afternoon with Andrew Saturday Afternoon with Josh and Jenn Playlist
3pm – 6pmRockpit with Andrew and StixDrive Time with Rusty and DustyDrive Time with JoelDrive Time with Rusty and DustyRockpit with Andrew and StixCountry Music with Paul and OwenAuthentic Voices with Chris
6pm -9pmGood Folk ProgrammingPlaylist Playlist Playlist Friday Nights with Danique and Eddy Playlist David Addams

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