Mental Health First Aid

Inspire Radio has partnered with Passionate Lives to deliver Mental Health First Aid training at our offices in Rockingham. The 2 day MHFA course covers signs and symptoms of a range of Mental Health issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideation, Pyschosis and Substance Use Disorder and how to connect someone to professional help. 

The course was founded in 2000 by Prof Tony Jorm and Betty Kitchener who have seen their course exported to over 22 countries worldwide, win numerous suicide prevention awards and affect Government policy. The course allows participants to become Mental health First Aiders in their workplace but can just as easily be used to support family and friends in crisis.

Trys Reddick has been a MHFA instructor since 2015 and is now a Principal Master Trainer with over 120 courses under his belt. He also co-facilitates with new trainers. In 2019 he delivered over 50 courses, most of them free, through grants with organizations such as WAPHA, Neami National, Connect Groups, the City of Rockingham, the City of Kwinana, the City of Cockburn and the City of Gosnells. 

The courses through Inspire Radio are heavily discounted and all proceeds from these courses will go back into Inspire Radio.

To book your space on one of these courses click the link here 

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