Brendan Matthews

Brendan Matthews

Hi, my name’s Brendan Matthews and I am first and foremost a music adorer. I am a high voltage Electrician by trade with a Diploma in Marketing however I have been a singer / songwriter my whole life. Music will always be my number one love and “go to” happy place. I have sung for many bands but my latest project is an indie folk rock band called A Solace Eclipse. We put a lot of effort into making our music and uploading it to Youtube for people to view or download for free.

I don’t believe music is about making money. It’s more about releasing your artistic views and finding inner peace. If that helps other people as well then, I find it to be a bonus.

I’m now also a radio host at Inspire Radio. My programme is called “Good Folk”. I have been interviewing local and international acts from all over the world. People have been really struggling through corona virus and musicians have taken a hard hit. I think it’s important more than ever to make and listen to music as the world do desperately needs it.

I look forward to hearing from anybody who would like to know more. Send an email to [email protected] and mark it attention of Good Folk.

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