Welcome to IPL Radio

Inspire Passionate Lives or IPL Radio (formally Inspire Radio) has been broadcasting a year from our studio in Rockingham. At Inspire, we are Inspired by you. One of the biggest things we love is to talk to people in the community about what you love doing. Passion is exciting and we love to hear your stories. Whether that’s entrepreneurial, fishing or Outer Mongolian Throat Warbling, (yes. that’s a thing!) we’d love to have you join us at IPL Radio and share your story.

IPL Radio started in the midst of the Corona outbreak in 2020. Trys Reddick was running Mental Health First Aid courses when we had the lockdowns and was unable to continue running them. He didn’t want to wait for the go ahead to start training but wanted to continue spreading the message of Hope and Recovery in a way that was  COVID proof.

Radio station was set up in April broadcasting from people’s homes and then on July 20th we started broadcasting from our studio in Leghorn Street, Rockingham. In our first year we’ve had over 75 volunteers and interviewed some awesome people including Mark McGowan, Peter Ricci and the students from Success Primary School.

We moved to our new studios in between the Commonwealth Bank and NDIS at the Rockingham Centre in June and will now be planning our first 24 hour live video stream to mark our first anniversary.

We’d love to hear from you. Call us on 0467 771 416 or email us at info@inspireradio.og.au

Inspire Youth

IPL Radio also runs a Youth group who meet every Saturday from 12pm – 3pm. Our youth group are peer led and support each other to grow in their chosen fields. They make Tik-Tok videos, play games and go live on the radio.

They are supported by professionals with youth work experience but they are encouraged to self determination. We believe by giving the power back to the young people, they are able to make informed choices and grow emotionally as a result.

If you would like to be involved or know someone who would like to be involved in the youth group, send an email to trys.reddick@inspireradio.org.au. 

What we Do

IPL Radio – Inspiring Passionate Lives

Health and Wellness

Here at IPL Radio, we’re all about promoting positive Health and Wellness through interviewing community service providers, sharing your stories and bringing you the latest evidence based information to help you with Health, Fitness and Personal growth!


Mental Health

Mental Health is an important part of our Personal Development and we have a special interest in keeping it positive. IPL run Standard and Youth Mental Health First Aid courses for individuals and groups. Send us an email for more information or check out more details here.



At IPL Radio we don’t believe in Disability, here everyone has an ability we want to share with our listeners.  Just because you don’t do something the way others do it, doesn’t mean your less important. In fact having a “disability” makes you kinda special in our eyes and we’d love to know more about your super powers.

Bunnings Fundraisers

As we are a NFP, we run various fundraiser events to bring money in. One of these events is a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. if you’re free on a Saturday avo pick up a snag and support your local Radio station.

24 Hour Live Stream

To celebrate our first anniversary of going live, we are running a 24 hour Live Stream fundraiser on Sep 11th and Sep 12th. If you’re free that wekeend drop in and see us.

Dungeons and Dragons

IPL Radio have partnered with Fourth Guard Table Tops to bring you D&D every Mon, Tues and wed night from 6pm – 9pm. Click here for more info.

Be Connected

IPL Radio run regular workshops to teach 65+ how to use computers. We also run workshops on how to use your smart phone. Contact us here for more information.

Contact Us

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0467 771 416

Shop G073, Rockingham Centre, 1 Coumcil Ave, Rockingham

M-F: 8am-6pm, S-S: Closed